Try These Things

  1. Climb a tree
  2. Stand on a couch
  3. Eat a dead animal
  4. Eat a dead plant
  5. Eat something that was never alive
  6. Buy a scratch lottery ticket and never scratch it
  7. Yell your favorite letter while on the toilet
  8. Sing while on the toilet
  9. Brush your teeth in the shower (while peeing)
  10. Eat a piece of pie without your hands
  11. Eat spaghetti without a fork
  12. Light a candle and watch it until it burns out
  13. Read magazine ads outloud
  14. Look through the phonebook for someone with a wonderful name. Call her when she is likely to be at work and leave a message telling her you thought her name was wonderful. If she calls back, answer.
  15. Wear mismatched socks
  16. Skip the underwear
  17. Make weird faces in the mirror. Memorize one, and use it in public.
  18. Count to 736 while watching television
  19. Make a tower of your belongings that reaches the ceiling
  20. Sing your favorite song backwards
  21. Touch the backs of your knees
  22. Eat ice cream in the snow
  23. Buy a yo-yo
  24. Guess what time it is
  25. Go to a stranger’s funeral
  26. Walk somewhere new
  27. Explore someplace abandoned late at night
  28. Go a day without talking
  29. Go a day wearing earplugs
  30. Take a nap at sunset
  31. Set your alarm for sunrise, then go back to sleep without having looked at the sun
  32. Drink champagne through a straw
  33. Drop a hardboiled egg on the floor
  34. Pretend you can tap dance
Anything you think people should try? I’ll add them to the list!