English Only, Please!

I am still sick, but my mother sent me a link to this article in the Las Vegas Review Journal about the Town of Pahrump (which is where she lives, and where I spent my middle- and high-school years).

God, I am glad to be out of that place.

Here is a small taste of the article:

"Who's refusing to speak English? The ones promoting that people should speak their own language are racist," he said.

Town Manager David Richards said the ordinance is meant as a statement "that this is America and we speak English here."

"Everyone should speak English, and if you are going to move here then you ought to respect the American flag and fly it in prominence," Richards said.

Miraglia said he hoped the ordinance "gets the ball rolling" for other cities.

"We have to start somewhere," he said, "and in the state of Nevada the town of Pahrump is going to be the start."

Read the whole thing.