Adobe Creative Suite 3 Icons

of controversy about these icons, which are supposedly the final designs for the forthcoming release of Adobe Creative Suite 3. “Controversy” meaning a bunch of geeky design people are blogging about it. But these aren’t just lame kids complaining. Many are very established designers as well as usability and accessibility experts.

I, so far, am not a fan for many of the same reasons already brought up. The icons are all but indistinguishable (especially at small sizes), cause MAJOR problems for color-blind and visually impaired users. Plus, they just look kinda lame. The previous icons (feathers, flowers, shells, butterflies, etc.) were cool enough (not amazing or especially cohesive, but better than the Macromedia icons), and especially with so many gorgeous icons being created for Mac software, these “paint chips” aren’t gonna look so hot in my dock. Sad.

Of course, who knows if I’ll even be able to afford CS3 so I can really complain about it. (Though I can download a Beta version of Photoshop for Mac here).