MacHeist Bundle Unveiled

So, for about six weeks I have been involved in MacHeist, a cool detective caper of an event where the prizes are some of the coolest and best Mac shareware being developed today. After a bunch of “Heists,” from which I scored a bunch of really awesome free stuff, the contents of the holy grail of application bundles was revealed gradually last night, with the final app being revealed at 9 a.m. this morning, which is when the bundle also went on sale.

For those like me who have been with MacHeist from the start, we have collected a ten dollar discount, which puts the final price at $39 bucks for close to $300 worth of software. And 25% of the purchase price is donated to one of eight charities of your choice. THAT is awesome.

And in case you’re thinking that this is just the typical “mark-up then discount” formula used by pretty much everybody, consider what the bundle includes:

If you purchase the bundle, you will only receive the registration info for the final two apps (NewsFire and TextMate) once 50 and 100 thousand dollars is donated to charity, respectively. As of the time of writing (2 hours after the sale opened), close to $6,000 has been donated, and 532 bundles sold, so there is a good chance these goals will be reached. Especially since this bundle offers such great value.

I plan to purchase the bundle later today because I’ve been eying a few of the programs in it for the last couple months, particularly Delicious Library (which lets you scan barcodes in all products you own, and works with Amazon to provide a visual representation of Books, CDs, DVDs, etc in shelves. Now that I have a working MacBook Pro with built-in iSight camera, I can do the scanning with that, which rocks.

I am also glad to be able to support the shareware community, and am thankful that these developers have been so gracious as to contribute their hard work to this project.

Christmas is in the air! Do something happy today.