School In The Rain

I love spurgeonblog, and I can count on it to point me towards some really innovative, inspiring, and beautiful stuff. This recent article is no exception. It is about a school in Norfolk (UK) that is giving each student a full-body jumpsuit raincoat because they intend to spend half of their lessons outside, regardless of the weather. They have found that the children are happier and more attentive if they’ve had time outdoors during the day, and I must say that my personal memories of childhood confirm that. On rainy days I remember it being so hard to stay focused and maintain any semblance of energy and enthusiasm.

It is also great to hear that parents are supportive of this experiment. You don’t see that much around these parts anymore.

What a great example of thinking outside the box to increase learning and productivity in the classroom. Are any American educators doing the same? I sure hope so.