Geni - Make a Family Tree

I just found a pretty cool new site that is up and running on the interwebs. It is called Geni, and is a really sleek way to make a family tree. It has very nice-looking Flash interface that lets you easily add relatives (and is pretty intelligent about the whole thing, too), and automatically invite them to the site to add their relatives to the tree.

You can also add profiles for each family member (or they can add their own), with information about birthplace, current location, schools, work, favorites, contacts, and more. And a picture!

So, in a sense, this is social networking for families.

According to them, all the data is private and accessible only by your family, and won’t be used for any nefarious purposes.

Check it out and get re-connected with your related-people.

I wonder if anyone will create a fictional family. That would be cool. A huge fictional family with fake email addresses and everything. A super-super huge family.