Google Analytics Part 1

To celebrate four full months of daily posts on Frivolous Motion, and perhaps more “celebratorily,” over 5000 page views in those four months, I am posting some pretty interesting blog analytics today. This is the first post of what will probably be three or four total in the next day or so. You can check out all of them by clicking google in the cloud of labels in the sidebar (which, if you weren’t aware, is a way to check out content by topics that interest you. Give it a try!).


A few months back, I posted some of the keywords that had been searched for on Google that led people to my blog. This is similar, but it lists all of the incoming traffic by referrer. For example, you’ll notice that the list is topped by This is because I submitted a few of my stories to the site, and some of them did relatively well (like these). Click on each section to view it at full size if you have difficulty reading the text.

Go ahead and check out any of these sites, too, to let them know we’re watching, and perhaps you’ll find something pretty interesting there. As always, though, perhaps you won’t.