Oh Yeah, Vista Is Out.

I almost forgot about it, because it’s been five years of broken promises and major setbacks, but Windows’ brand new (but not quite as new as Apple’s last version of OSX that shipped in April 2005) operating system, called Vista is now available to consumers.

It is pronounced like “Fist-a” not “Feast-a,” and according to Microsoft, “The ‘Wow’ Starts Now.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t need it to wow, I just need it to work. And stay out of my way. Sadly, it doesn’t sound like this will be the case. I think I’ll stick with XP for now (at work, and on my Intel Mac when I’m feeling daring) until it is able to prove itself, particularly when it comes to security. I strongly suggest everyone does the same. Here is my advice: Wait until OSX Leopard is released this spring, buy a new Mac, and if you want, get a copy of Vista Home Premium (do NOT buy Home Basic under any circumstances!) and run it on the same machine. Then regret buying Vista and never run it ever again.

I will say this, though: I hope Microsoft does have a winner on its hands with Vista. For the sake competition, to drive Apple and others to innovate, and really, truly, for the sake of the world, which really doesn’t need another Windows Millenium Edition (I call that Windows Y2K for what it did to my college PC).

Ah, and if you get a chance to check it out and like it (or don’t), I’d love to hear from you.