Other Music To Offer Digital Downloads

For those of you unacquainted with the New York City music scene, consider your life changed. Other Music, an East Village staple is opening up shop online to offer digital downloads encoded at 320Kbps (compared with iTunes’ 192) for roughly the same price. Other Music is well-known for its very knowledgeable and handpicked collection that is very eclectic and very awesome. The site is set to go online early 2007 (so, rather soon), and you can submit your email address for updates about the launch in this form.

From an interview in Wired News:
We will be selling high-quality files without DRM copy protection (our music is encoded at 320 Kbps rather than 192, the iTunes model, so the sound will be much better). All our pricing is not set yet, but we will definitely have to be a little more expensive than iTunes -- probably $10.99 per album rather than $9.99. I hope we can more than make up for the price with our selection, service, knowledge, features and, of course, the quality files.
That sounds pretty good to me, especially the quality files, and the DRM-free-ness. In fact, the lack of Digital Rights Management (which limits your use of the files you purchase) is one of the reasons I am so happy using EMusic these days.

All in all, I hope this music store takes off. As much as I love Apple, and greatly appreciate their redefining the game - when it comes to music, more options means better options for the consumer.

And really, if I am to be honest with myself, that is what I am.