Walt Disney on the Mysteries of Existence

Thoughts are not separate, contained entities that have, as their basis, an intended action. Rather, thoughts are a web of interwoven, overlapping impulses with no clear direction. Action is created when enough thoughts build up on one side or the other, causing a shift in the balance, and the heavier side overrides the other. This is why no actions are individual. All actions exist as part of an infinitely long chain of events set off by the ebb and flow of the web of thoughts in the gentle wind of the mind in addition to external forces that suggest the buildup of thought in certain segments of the web. Does this mean free will does not exist? That every action is predetermined? Part of an endless, decomposing, recursive loop whose sole purpose is mere survival?

Perhaps. I am not yet awake enough to know how I may contradict myself. But what I do know is this: Whether or not we possess free will, we tend to think we do. And maybe, just maybe, that “thought” is itself an outside influence, adding to the buildup in one corner of the mindweb, ultimately influencing our actions at least a little. Maybe.

Here is something worth “thinking” about:
It is not necessary for an animator to take a character to one point, complete that action completely, and then turn to the following action as if the had never given it a thought until after completing the first action. When a character knows what his is going to do he doesn’t have to stop before each individual action and think to do it. He has it planned in advance in his mind. For example, the mind thinks, ‘I’ll close the door - lock it then I’m going to undress and go to bed.’ Well, you walk over to the door before the walk is finished you're reaching for the door - before the door is closed you reach for the key - before the door is locked you’re turning away - while you’re walking away you undo your tie - and before you reach the bureau you have your tie off. In other words, before you know it you’re undressed and you’ve done it in one thought, “I’m going to bed.” - Walt Disney Link