Al Gore Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

According to Aftenposten (a Norwegian news source), Al Gore has been nominated for a share of the Nobel Peace Prize:
The two green-thinking MPs suggest that Gore share the prize with Inuit Sheila Watt-Cloutier, in recognition for their efforts to put the danger posed by climate change on the global political agenda.
"This is clearly, absolutely, one of the important efforts to achieve conflict prevention. Climate change can lead to enormous flows of refugees on a scale the world has never seen before. Fighting climate change is immensely important work for global peace," Heidi Sørensen, member of parliament for the Socialist Left Party (SV), told Aftenposten.
That’s cool. I mean, it is just a nomination, but shows that somewhere out in the world people care about these things. And that important art is still being made. Now, An Inconvenient Truth might not have been the most revolutionary film of all time (and in fact, I thought it had moments of inconsistency that weakened its message), but it is far too infrequent that a film is released that actually carries a message, actually challenges the status quo. And even more infrequently does such a film become as commercially successful and widespread as this one did. Nice work, Mr. President.