America Has Some Terrorist Issues

Check out this awesome post on BoingBoing about the recent “terrorist plot,” also incorrectly known as a “hoax,” that actually was a completely innocent guerrilla marketing tactic using what amounted to LiteBrites.

There is something seriously wrong with our country. When an advertisement (and a lame one) for a lame cartoon on a lame cable network’s even lamer evening-hour programming package (which itself tends to have the lamest of all lame commercials) scares the bejeezus out of an entire city and provokes police raids and even arrest of the agency merely placing these ads, something has gone horribly, irrevocably awry. It seems as though the real terrorists have won, and fear is ruling our lives. Of course, this is partly the terrorists’ fault, and partly our government’s fault, and partly our own for giving in to it.

The most I can do is hope that people will shake out of it.

And also, if terrorists ever do attack us with LiteBrites, please kill me first.

Oh my god. Things are fucked up.