SuperBowl Commercial Recap

So the answer was no. The Beatles are not yet available from iTunes. No matter - something tells me that not a small number of people already have much of their music. Though I could be wrong.

Below, I have posted what is, in my mind, the only decent commercial to be shown during the Superbowl yesterday. It is an ad for GM, and is very original, and very well done. Am I the only one who didn’t see any really new, worthwhile campaigns yesterday? It seemed like every commercial was either a normal-ish car commercial, or one in which the guys in the office were being crazy (but for several different companies and products, including a brand of nuts). Did I miss something? Let me know and I’ll link to it or embed it if it can be found online.

And, I mean, I love the new Coke ad campaign, but couldn’t they have come up with something new for the Game? I guess they have so much money that it doesn’t really matter.

Anyway, here is the GM commercial:

Link to YouTube

Ah, and the K-Fed commercial was funny enough, but I’ll not pollute my blog with his presence anymore than it already is.