Absolutely Stunned: Support For Kathy Sierra

I just woke up from a nap that will hopefully help me become un-sick, and upon busting open my Google Reader, read some seriously disturbing and unsettling stuff.

Kathy Sierra, the wonderful blogger of Creating Passionate Users (far and above my favorite blog) and author of the “Head First” series of programming books has been receiving disgustingly misogynistic death threats over the last week, and they are coming from areas of the web trafficked by some of the most well-known bloggers.

Her account of this saga (which is graphic, but very much worth seeing) can be read on her blog, and there are a ton of blogs that link to it worth reading for their reactions. Scoble isn’t blogging in protest, and Seth Godin is saying this is further proof that anonymity on the web does nothing good.

I’m not sure how else to respond than to direct you to the story, and hope that Kathy can find the strength to continue to blog and be an inspiration to so many.

I never thought I could feel such love and compassion for someone I’ve never even met, but I do, and I am sickened that this behavior has somehow been encouraged by the rules and makeup of the Web. It’s something I almost would have expected in 1998, when the Internet was still young and unruly. But today - people know better. Or they fucking should. This is sick.

As Seth Godin says, “Isn’t it sad that misogyny is so common that there's even a word for it?’”