How Fun Is Spending Money?

Seth Godin posted this great graphic about the pleasure we derive from a purchase versus the amount of money spent on it. He wonders if more companies might not start upping the “fun” factor of high-end purchases and offers the following as a wonderfully novel example:
What if a real estate broker hired a really personable ex-cheerleader/glee club member for $20 an hour to do nothing but sweat the details and be charming the entire time the closing was going on? Someone to run and get donuts and do xeroxing and get papers organized in advance... in the scheme of a million dollar purchase, not such a big deal, right?
Cheerleaders...hmm...kinda makes me wish I had that million right now.

I’m also conflicted about his whole graph - is it good or bad that Girl Scout Cookies cost more than Starbucks coffee?

Finally, does anyone know where I can get some Tagalongs (aka Peanut Butter Patties)? I mean, seriously. There’s no trans-fat anymore...