Julie Amero Sentencing This Week

The rescheduled sentencing hearing for Norwich substitute teacher Julie Amero, who was convicted of four counts of causing injury to a minor when her spyware and virus-infested classroom computer began spewing pornographic popups, is happening this Thursday, March 29. (I previously wrote about this story here and here.)

In yesterday’s Hartford Courant, news writer Rick Green gave a great recap of the whole story, including little details like Amero’s pregnancy, and her refusal of an offer of “accelerated rehabilitation” when attorney David Smith threatened, “You better think about taking AR or you are going to spend 18 years in jail.”

He ends by saying:
The school district and police department are not talking. Returning a call Friday morning, Chief State's Attorney Kevin Kane declined to comment about the case.

But Kane, Smith and others connected to the case have been deluged - and widely ridiculed - by computer security experts who say critical evidence was not considered and officials are now searching for ways to avoid Thursday's sentencing. The state's attorney's office in Norwich is reconsidering its aggressive prosecution of Amero, sources close to the case say.

Smith, whose persuasive arguments convinced the jury of Amero's guilt, would say only that before next Thursday, things "could very well change." (Emphasis mine.)
Let’s hope things do change.

Here is some of the great (awful) response in the Norwich Bulletin (the fatally biased local paper I wouldn’t mind to see go under as a victim of the internet age), which pins the burden solely on Amero, even more or less saying that the facts are irrelevant and she should be held responsible for the failings of the school district (or - and this is something I’ve never heard mentioned - the possible impropriety of the young, first-year, male teacher whose computer was infected).

Besides, all of these so-called “injured” children spoke at the trial (read the full transcript here, which I uploaded to Scribd, an awesome new site), a couple years after the incident, and seem fine and dandy.

In the very least, these students are a whole lot less damaged than many of the adults in Norwich.