Kathy Sierra’s Personal Info Leaked

I’m still working on a long response to a post by David Winer this morning, but after seeing a Twitter update from Robert Scoble/Scobleizer stating that Kathy Sierra had added an update to her blog post with the accusations and description of the death threats she had been receiving, I immediately checked it out, and am now sharing her update in full below.

Apparently, her home address and social security number were posted by an anonymous commenter, moving her to close the comments (at 1165!) and post this:
Comments have now been closed [3/28/07, 6 PM] after someone posted personal data mixed with inaccurate information. It is the only comment I have removed from this thread. I wish to thank everyone for their support, but honestly--the high visibility and coverage of this one post has led to more trouble for me. Now, even people who had never heard of me are expressing hatred and creating new problems (posting my social security number and address, horrific lies about me, etc). I do want to clarify that I still do NOT know who made the photos and the posts from the two sites--the noose photo, not shown here, as well as the photo below--or who made the threatening comments on this blog. There is no evidence that the blog comments and the posts are by the same person or persons; and it is open to debate whether the photos (including the one not shown here--of the noose and my head) are threatening, or merely vile. The people I've named here as being participants on one or both of those sites have not denied their involvement with the sites (as owners or participants), but all have denied making either of the posts in question, although it was someone who had author priviliges on the blog, not a random commenter. This whole debate will have to continue elsewhere now. While I'm happy the topic is being discussed so vigorously, the more my name and this post is brought up, the more abuse I get in email or other blogs--and now that my address has been posted... Yes, I should have known that when I posted, and had I known the firestorm that would be created, I probably would have stayed silent. But my words here still stand. This is everything I know--and don't know--about the situation.]
This situation has started to die down, it seems (though it’s still number one on Technorati, even with Sanjaya right on her tail), with most of the major players having responded in some way. All that’s left now, it seems, is to wait for facts to emerge, and hope that things right themselves soon.

And, most importantly, let’s hope for the dialogue regarding hate speech and internet ethics more generally to continue, so the uproar that has swept the blogosphere this week will not be in vain. We must keep talking about what is right, and continue to speak out against violent, sexist, racist, and otherwise hateful remarks. Censoring them is not the answer, but neither is sitting back and letting things like this happen. It’s just not cool.

Tomorrow (30 March) is “Stop Cyberbullying Day” - let’s not wait that long.