Kathy Sierra - HeadLemur Responds

From Doc Searls (read his full post here)
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 07:25:52 -0700
From: alan herrell
To: Doc Searls
Subject: Kathy Sierra
(sorry I haven't written before this as I have been doing damage control for my clients)
I am writing this to you as the guy who can forward it to everybody that matters.
I am writing this from a new computer, using an email address that will be deleted at the end of this.
I am no longer me. My main machine despite my best efforts has been hacked, my accounts compromised including my email. and has been disconnected from the internet.
How did this happen? When did this happen? shit doc, i don't have a fucking clue. I thought i was pretty sharp. I guess not.
just about every online account that i have has been compromised. Most importantly my digital identity and user/password for typepad and wordpress. I have been doing damage control, for my clients. How the fuck i got to be part of this mess is revolting.
The Kathy Sierra mess is horrific. I am not who ever used my identity and my picture!!
I am sick beyond words over this whole episode. Kathy Sierra may not be on my top 10 list , but nobody deserves this filthy character assaination.
But everything I have written about her or anyone else has been in public.
Jesus Doc, In the ten years I have been online, i have never used any sort of screen name or hidden behind psedonyms.
I have always posted and written as me. I have prided myself on the fact that I stand behind everything I wrote. Blogging made it much better in keeping the dialogue public.
That folks think that this mess is the sort they believe I would do is disheartening.
I may not be the the most popular guy, but I like to think i have been honest. And I say again I have *always* done this publicly.
For Kathy and Maryam and anybody else I am deeply sorry. Nobody deserves this.
Whatever credibility I may have had is down the toilet. For this I am profoundly saddened.
I liked being who I was warts and all.
I have over the course of my time online met some of the brightest people that I would never have the abilty to sit across from to break bread or share coffee with from around the world. How wonderful is that.
In 1997 I wrote that I believed that the internet was the most important invention of the human race. I believe it even more today as I write this.
It will probably some time before I attempt to join the great conversation again, but, Please don't let bastards grind you down.
alan herrell the head lemur (retired)

Whoa. Things are just beginning to get interesting. Whoa.