The ProgRock Age of Advertising

Herd - the hidden truth about who we are wrote an awesome post about the problems in the advertising world today, comparing it to the advent of Progressive Rock in the 70s. These are the points he raises:
- the love of craft (and training people in it) at the expense of the tune or the riff.
- the even greater love of showing off/worshiping our craft (ditto)
- long solos (please God, shut up, already)
- even longer solos by the members of the band that shouldn't do solos (ditto)
- stadium gigs and inflated salaries (nuff said)
- concepts/ideas (and the worship their of)
- the belief that we are doing something important and meaningful (what?)
- Global jobs and global products (or is that inter-galactic?)
Check out the full article on Herd, as well as the HolyCow post he links to, which calls for a punk rock revolution in advertising.

I agree with much of what these guys wrote, particularly about stripping out the noise and reducing things to the essence of the message. But I’m not entirely convinced that things are Prog-Rock across the board. I mean, what is viral video if not the anti-Prog? Isn’t a large segment of the market gravitating towards the indie and the homegrown (and aren’t there at least a few major corporations starting to understand this)?

And what do we make of Google’s innovative AdSense - with its ultra-simple format (just text), and the ability (for the first time ever in the advertising world) to actually measure its effectiveness? While both Herd and HolyCow are on the money when it comes to describing the lame, pointlessly overwrought advertising so prevalent today on television in particular (and are otherwise GREAT blogs worth subscribing to), it seems to me that they might be too busy telling their friends how much Yes sucks that they haven’t noticed that the Clash (Google) is already playing some pretty important shows.

The future they are longing for might already be emerging in a major, major way.

The game is already changing. TV is dying. Let’s not mourn - let’s go see some ROCK.