Yahoo Mail To Offer Unlimited Storage

According to Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch, starting May 2007, Yahoo Mail will offer unlimited storage to all users. This is a huge swipe at Google’s GMail, which offers what now sounds like a tiny 2.8GB at the moment. Arrington says that the unlimited space is contingent on use consistent with “normal email practices,” which means it can’t be used for free online storage (in theory - but it could still be great for backing up, well, everything on your hard drive bit by bit).

I wonder where Yahoo got the guts (and the servers) to do something like this, and what kind of research they did to confirm this would be a good idea.

I also wonder what Google will do. I plan on sticking with them, after all. Because GMail, GMail Chat, Google Reader, Blogger, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Apps For Your Domain, Google Earth, and well, Google Search are amazing amazing amazing.

So yeah. Pretty big move, though. Glad to see Yahoo is still in the game.

Official Announcement on the Yahoo Blog here.