10 Reasons Pedestrians Hate Cyclists

Below is a list of reasons I am more afraid of bicyclists than I am of drivers. They are my reasons for not particularly supporting the monthly Critical Mass bike rides (where dozens of bikers take up entire lanes on the streets of Manhattan to protest the city’s alleged hostility to bike-riders, and its failure to make the roads safe for their chosen method of transit). I definitely believe in bike-riding. I definitely support it as a form of clean and functional transportation. I definitely prefer it to driving, myself. But, as a pedestrian, as the lowest in the food chain on the streets of the city, I am much more afraid of people on bikes. And I am annoyed at what I see as extreme arrogance and strong superiority complexes in a large number of bicyclists I've “run into” on the street.

These are all from personal experience. Dispute them at your own risk.
  1. Bicyclists don’t pay attention to which streets are one-way.
  2. Bicyclists don’t obey stop signs or traffic lights.
  3. Cars make noise so you know they’re coming.
  4. Cars have headlights at night so you can see them.
  5. Bicyclists can’t ride in a straight line and often deliberately swerve around.
  6. Drivers are afraid of killing you. Bicyclists think you’ll move out of the way.
  7. Bicyclists don’t keep consistent speed.
  8. Bicyclists randomly decide which side of the street they feel like riding on.
  9. Bicyclists don’t use freakin’ turn signals!
  10. Serious injury and embarrassment is much worse than death.