Got An Email From iPhone

I thought this was a nice little email from Apple (click the pic for full size). Just a friendly reminder that I expressed interest in the iPhone the day it came out. I wonder if everyone is just receiving this today, or if they’ve been going out for months now.

I’m still trying to figure out just what I’ll do when the iPhone is released in June since I really want one, but only recently (December) signed a 2-year contract with T-Mobile. It’s a 700-minute family plan I share with my true love - of which we fail to use even 200 of our anytime minutes a month. But it’s plenty cheap, and lets us talk all the time, and since pretty much everyone I know uses T-Mobile, too, it isn’t so surprising our usage is low. I might just have to get a second contract and learn to love mobile web browsing and email and stuff (which doesn’t sound that hard to do, especially with Safari).

There’s still time to decide, but I am tempted. The iPhone would definitely solve my address book syncing woes.