A Nugget Of Wisdom On Commuting

From The New Yorker:
But commuting is like sex or sleep: everyone lies. It is said that doctors, when they ask you how much you drink, will take the answer and double it. When a commuter says, “It’s an hour, door-to-door,” tack on twenty minutes.
Great article, check it out. It says, among other fascinating things, that despite having the longest average commute, New Yorkers are the happiest about the time spent going to and from work.

Mine is 45 minutes door-to-door on a normal day. No, really. And I don’t mind it in the least.

Except on a day like today, when the Franklin Avenue Shuttle decides not to run, and I am forced to walk, sans umbrella, of course, nearly a mile in the pouring rain and heavy winds to the next subway stop. Stuff like this almost makes me reconsider what I said last week.