Social Network Overload Revisited

When I say overload, I mean an overload of uselessness. Not an overload of stuff. I don’t fall in line with the folks who believe we’re being bombarded with so much that we can’t handle it. I think we can, and we do. Every single person knows when to step back and say, “Enough.”

What I mean is that there are too many services that do too little, that are wasting their time on things a little too specific. They miss the bigger picture which is not the success of their brand, but the goal of seamless exchange of content across all systems.

No one is there yet, but many are moving that direction.

Think open, not proprietary. Think a network that knows, without me telling it, what books I’ve purchased, what I ate for dinner, when I last updated my blog, when my package will arrive, when I need to order a new toothbrush. Think a network that knows these things about me, and can act based on the information it receives (i.e. order the new toothbrush on its own). Think a network that knows these things about my friends, too, about those who choose to share their daily lives - their pasts, presents, and futures - and can update me on their statuses, changing the way it works, the way it acts, based on the input it receives from all over the world.

It doesn’t matter what product, which website, which brand. They all need to talk to one another. The ones that don’t are useless. They are the ones we will forget sooner than they realize. They are the overload, the distractions, the guys who cling so tightly - so blindly - to their horses that they fail to see the wheels blowing sand into their eyes.