Media Consumption Contradictions

A brief look at my inconsistent, contradictory, amazing, (and typical?) patterns of media consumption:
  1. I have not purchased a CD or DVD for myself in years
  2. I buy books for myself all the time from Amazon
  3. The only magazine I buy in print is The New Yorker (though I read Wired, The Nation, and Food & Wine because we get subscriptions to them at my apartment)
  4. I read the free, trash- and ad- filled amNewYork newspaper in print most weekday mornings
  5. I buy the Sunday New York Times about every other week in order to read the Magazine, though it is available in its entirety online
  6. I sometimes “borrow” my neighbor’s copy of The Wall Street Journal
  7. I read hundreds of articles from over 200 sites in Google Reader daily and skim even more
  8. I subscribe to blog feeds readily when linked to from a site I already read - but almost never when a site hits the front page of Digg
  9. I use to keep track of what I’ve read rather than to find new things to read
  10. I can’t, for the life of me, get into StumbleUpon, though the concept is awesome to me
  11. I watch pirated movies on occasion, but have never pirated one myself
  12. I have a $10-a-month subscription to EMusic
  13. I only watch non-infringing content on YouTube, but I viewed the first 45 minutes of Michael Moore’s Sicko on Google Video yesterday
  14. I pay to go to concerts every so often, but only see theatre that is free
  15. I have yet to read one of my 700+ PDF books all the way through
  16. I finish perhaps 1/3 of the books I buy from Amazon
  17. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the final book in the Harry Potter series
  18. I go to the movies about three times a year
  19. I watch an average of two movies a week
  20. The TV channel most frequently watched in my apartment is NY1, a 24-hour local news channel that
  21. I never listen to the radio
  22. I haven’t listened to music on my iPod for the last three weeks
  23. Anytime I watch TV, I am also surfing the Web
  24. The only television shows I actually pay attention to are reality shows
  25. I haven’t purchased a video game since the days of the Sega Genesis
  26. I do visit promotional, product, and corporate websites mentioned in television commercials
What the heck does this all mean? What about you?