Undress To De-Stress

or Shed Your Clothes Along With Your Burdens

It’s a surefire way to feel a little better. Just go into your room, lock the door, turn out the lights, and take it all off. Then watch TV or read or surf the web (no, please, not like that) or do something else productive or relaxing or mindless.

Just be.

Naked. Safe. Free.

Breathe deeply. Again.

Relax into yourself. Get used to the lightness. Notice the difference in your step compared to when you are clothed. What is it like to move? How do everyday things become new and interesting when done without pants and a shirt and underwear and socks? Try making a phone call. Try folding your clothes. Making your bed. Organizing your closet. Setting your alarm clock. Sitting. Standing. Walking. Pretend that you know Tai Chi. Crank up some awesome tunes. Sing. Dance. Exercise. Nap. Draw. Write.

Even the simple act of picking up a pen might change your life.