Change Is Good

This post is not promoting a Bank of America service that helps you save money.

Nor is it an advertisement for an inexpensive chicken sandwich.

It is also not about a new blog layout, or a lengthy diatribe about how great life is even though everything that seems it could go wrong does, or pizza toppings, or anything of the sort.

It’s not about politics, or quantum mechanics, or taste, or fashion, or switching from Mac to PC (lord, no!).

It is not about language, or friends, or careers, or religious beliefs, or family shakeups, or the weather, or death, or transferring schools, or downloading music, or channel surfing, or the new set of stoplights that might never get installed because a town likes being a small, simple place.

This blog post is not about grammar, or language, or spelling, or literature, or mathematics, or Philip Glass, or an investigation into cultural differences in color recognition.

It’s not an announcement of anything new for Frivolous Motion. I’m not changing the blog. I’m not changing jobs.

I’m not (lord, no!) getting married or having kids.

This blog post is just business as usual. Life as usual. Just a tiny celebration of the world and its dynamism. A way of saying thank you, life, for being so unpredictable.

And to ask a question:

What’s new with you, lately?