Fear Of Death

Fear of death is the motivation behind all human achievement, invention, and behavior.

All consumer products are an attempt to cheat death, to prolong life, to increase the quality of the limited days we spend on Earth.

We search for ways to keep our cities clean, and ways to decrease the amount of physical effort necessary to perform common tasks. Drugs, air conditioning, faster systems of transportation, cryogenics - humanity strives toward the immortal. We fight and fight and fight every single day to somehow change our supposed destiny.

When others die, we feel weak. When they conquer disease, it is as though we had ourselves.

When a child is born, though, we taste forever. The biological thread ties our life with theirs, and in our dreams we imagine them growing old, making miraculous discoveries, and drinking the sap of the Tree of Everlasting Life.

But we share this same connection with all of life - with our neighbors, with the lakes and forests, with the grizzly bear and the chickadee. Immortality is all around us - it is nature. Everlasting life can be found in the links between all things in the universe. It exists in the atoms constantly moving, constantly being exchanged. It exists in the space between the atoms - and the great mystery of what we can’t see. It exists in the way another is changed physically, chemically, intimately, every time you speak, every time you move, every time you think.

What if you could live forever?

What if you already can?

UPDATE: My mother emailed a great response that very much deserves to be tacked on to this post.

She writes:
Imagine a world where love (not fear) is the motivation behind all achievement, invention, and behavior.

What a different day you would greet each morning if you chose what you do because of love, not fear...
My mom totally gets it. Right on.