Do You Use The Internet For Evil?

Are you using this precious web technology to commit crimes against humanity?

Here’s a checklist.

Do you...
  • send non-business-sensitive emails using Bcc?
  • chat with multiple people at once and copy/paste portions of one conversation into another?
  • post bulletins on MySpace to call attention to your “awesome new pix!”?
  • still use AOL? (Worse yet - are you still paying for AOL?)
  • use the font tag?
  • use HTML tables as structural elements?
  • have a LiveJournal?
  • belong to more than five social networking sites
  • search the web using
  • link to other sites because you were asked to in an email?
  • read and agree with Andrew Keen?
  • plaster AdSense all over your blog?
  • stalk people by subscribing to Google Alerts on their name (as well as their Amazon wishlist, bookmarks, flickr stream, and Twitter alerts)?
  • forward emails? Ever?
  • frequent any chatrooms or forums?
  • comment on Digg stories?
  • buy books from Barnes & Noble instead of Amazon?
  • use Arial for anything, anywhere, ever, for any reason?
Got any more insidious offenses against common decency? Leave them in the comments!