Feed Me!

Dear Businesses Everywhere,

Please, please, please start serving RSS feeds for all of your individual product pages, category pages, search results, and (especially) sale items.

Please, please, please let me share my wish list as an RSS feed, by email, on del.icio.us, in embeddable widget form, and as a standard URL.

Please, please, please let me sort by color, price, brand, size, newness, materials, rating, popularity, number of reviews, etc.

Please, please, please link to reviews of the product on other sites.

Please, please, please show me the only the most relevant information, but let me easily find the tiniest little detail about the product if I’m curious.

Please, please, please give me very high resolution images of your product, rather than simply opening a pop-up window containing a photo exactly the same size as the one I was just looking at and pretending that it’s somehow larger because it’s in its own box.

Please, please, please let me see the total cost of the contents of my shopping cart (not just number of items), including estimated shipping and tax at all times.

Please, please, please don’t force me to open an account in order to buy something from your store.

Please, please, please let me create an account so I don’t have to enter my shipping/billing information every time I want to buy something.

Please, please, please don’t try to be all cool and social-networky unless you really go for it and offer me something of value, rather than simply assuming that adding a “friends” feature will help you sell more stuff.

Please, please, please have a customer service number (or at least an email address!) visible on every page.

Please, please, please make it as easy as possible for me to give you my money.

I want to, believe me. If I’m on your site, I want to give you my money. Simple as that. If I’m there, it’s because I’m looking for something to buy. Sometimes now, sometimes later. But most likely now.

Come on, I’m begging you. Look - mooooooooooooooooney!!!!!!

Let me click “Buy Now,” close the tab, and get back to reading my feeds in Google Reader.

You know, the feeds with your products in them.