Free Desktop Wallpaper: Putin Is Hot

OK, so I made this desktop wallpaper last night to celebrate two of the best things in the world: Putin and Helvetica. Well, the Putin part is certainly debatable, but not Helvetica. And even if you, like many, have issues with the current Russian leadership, perhaps you’ll appreciate this wallpaper for its tongue-in-cheekness, or its judicious use of the best font ever, beautifully combining both Cyrillic and Latin letterforms. It says “Путин is hot,” which means Putin is hot.

The only version I have right now is 1024x768, but there will be larger sizes in the next day or so (up to 1920x1200). Edit: Added a gigantic 1920x1200 version. See below.

download 1024x768 PNG (151 KB)

download 1920x1200 PNG (308 KB)